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Thermal Protection Equipment

Coolcargo AirCover

The Coolcargo Aircover unit comprises of an insulated cover and separate refrigeration and power unit being carried on a standard aircraft transportation dolly.

Powerful refrigeration provides ample thermal protection for perishables in when ULDs in which they are transported to aircraft are exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sun. The Coolcargo units keep pre-chilled perishable air cargo cold on the tarmac.

The units are low cost and easy to operate on the tarmac and compatible with ramp and air cargo ground handling requirements.

Coolcargo has developed a special thermal liner for ULDs to help maintain temperature control for ULDs when are transported in aircraft .When used in conjunction with Coolcargo AirLiners, reduction of polystyrene packaging is possible with a corresponding increase in utilization of limited cargo capacity.

The Coolcargo Aircover is now in operational use at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and is providing protection for perishable air cargo.  Coolcargo is providing both expert advisory services in Air cargo Perishable Handling and the full service support in the operation of the Coolcargo units..

Temperature data logging of two consignments (one using the Coolcargo solution - the other not) at the ramp show that pre-chilled perishables can be kept cold &at below;10C for extended periods of time when exposed to extreme ambient temperatures and direct sun.

The protected consignment being maintained at &below;10C was highly sensitive asparagus and baby corn in shelf ready packaging and no polystyrene outer cartons.  The test was conducted under actual operating conditions.

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